Killing For Jesus

by Infex

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Recorded and mixed by Jon Logan/Swollen Knuckle Records
Mastered by Dan Randall/Mammoth Sound Mastering
Album art by AllThingsRotten
Copyright 2015 Infex Music


released January 2, 2016



all rights reserved



Having grown up up listening to speed, thrash and death metal, hardcore punk and crossover, Infex doesn't write with an agenda or style in mind, focusing on riffs that fall in line with the sounds they grew up on.

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Track Name: Buzzkill
the madman inside unleashed
purged of all remorse dealing death in the streets
rational perception washed away
ethanolic excess brings disarray
Buzzkill - taste the thrill
Buzzkill - blood will spill
masking inhibitions with a thirst
fermented absolution resulting in the worst
the final fleeting moments passing by
from zero to disaster in the blink of an eye
Buzzkill - taste the thrill
Buzzkill - blood will spill
walk the line - one more for the road and you’ll be fine
steel and bone collide - unwitting victims take their final ride
taste the thrill
blood will spill
step on inside - take your final ride
there’s nowhere to run - and no place to hide
Track Name: Killing For Jesus
baptized in fire
cleansed of my sins
holy warrior on the path
my Rapture Begins
bow to the messiah
accept his divine love
let his light shine upon you
or taste death from above
a bullet in the chamber - a halo on my head
killing in the name of Christ - convert or wind up dead!
Jesus Christ or Allah
its all the fucking same
another savior rewarding
for killing in his name
guided by the grace of god
comanded from above
convert or die the choice is yours
its only out of love
who would Jesus Kill??
What would you do when the price of peace calls upon you?
Will you put that gun in your hand and spread his peace across the land?

What would you do?
Track Name: Into Madness
day by day- time slips away
grasping at the truth
reality- a twisted scream
a jaded memory of youth
one by one- the pieces fall
the deck forever stacked
the lucid lie- now all thats left
the facade forever cracked

we seek- but never find
the truth forever lost
struck blind- to reality
steadfast at any cost

decay- within oneself
the price that shall be paid
release- from agony
your life now drained away

we seek- but never find
the truth forever lost
we’re blind- to reality
steadfast at any cost
Track Name: Not Dead Yet
market commodities, sickness and health
packaged, bottled and sold
raging mad lunatics, miracles of science
who are the ones truly sick?
walking experiments, come see the circus
freakish, beastly horror
racing for profit under the guise
of working for the good of all

a breakthrough in science, provides the means
to prolong our lives
setting the course, superhuman race
spelling out our demise
becomming the virus, mutation endless
out of control
preserve the heart, body and flesh
and destroy the soul

there’s no fucking profit in prevention
out of business if there was a cure
propagating widespread hypertension
there’s a pill for that you can be sure
failing to make any distinction
between those whose lives they preserve
the common man faces extinction
while zombies overtake the fucking earth
menace to death
...the body not dead yet
Track Name: Pissing Razors
let’s go!
this fire raging-burning from within
bad judgement gets the best of e
infected yet again!
searing sensations rising from the void
viral invasion corruption takes its toll
on you…..

we burn!

in this world
that has been laid to me
this epidemial defilement
burns me when I pee!
From you the memory will not fade away
this gift that keeps on giving me
will haunt another day

what you give to me
it burns
it burns!
Track Name: No More
you take my breath away
leave me without a say
apathy you for me
my last day you will see

you look and see
your mind isn’t all that free
look to find
you’ll get no more peace of mind

look and see
your eyes staring back at me
look to find
my kindness has been maligned

I’ll take your life from you
your anger runs me through
how heavy weighs the crown
this bitter pill choked down

no more
you are no more to me